Fact #1:
On their way back from their vacation, visitors were asked whether they would have changed something in their reservation, had they known all the factors involved in the hotel selection (Location, room or general hotel amenities, view, noise level, cleanliness, etc.) 77% responded "Yes".

Fact #2
After arrival, 47% of them expected something different based on the information they had.

Fact #3
Towards the end of their stay 31% of the visitors felt that they paid too much for their accommodations.

85% of those who book a Hotel in Hawaii have never seen the place where they are going to stay at.
They are relying on information obtained directly from a website or brochure or indirectly from a Travel Agent.

Fact #5
Most Travel Agents have never seen the rooms they are offering you. It s simply impossible for them to know all the categories (about 4 per hotel) of all hotels (100 per destination) of all destinations (a Travel Agent will sell an average of 100 important cities). They only know what the wholesalers tell them and they in turn only know what the Hotels tell them.

Fact #6
A small percentage of Hotels are very responsible with the information they provide through brochures and other means of information like websites, regarding Hotel's amenities, location, quality, etc.,
Most Hotels however "exaggerate" a little, like parents talking about a child. Everything is "beautiful", "wonderful", "the best value" and of course an "excellent location".
When images are shown, is not uncommon for Hotels to use pictures taken long ago, when the hotel was at it's prime.
If a room shot is included, in most cases will be the best room the hotel has even though at most a hotel will only have a small percentage of their rooms in that category and the likelihood for you to end up in one of those rooms is very small.
Finally there are some hotels that are outright deceiving, these places are really below standard but you surely can't tell by looking at their marketing material.

Fact #7
All Hotels have shortcomings, no matter whether is a Five Star property or Below One Star.
The pool may be too small, the nearest beach too narrow or full of rocks, the location may not be very good, the street noise level for certain rooms too high, the rooms too small, no balconies, no AC, no phone and the list of possibilities goes on and on, there are dozens of things that Hotels would rather have you unaware of, and by the time you become aware of those things you may not like, it's too late, you are in.

The trick is to find a hotel whose shortcomings you don't mind and for that, you need someone that knows each hotel, each category, each room, Discount Hotels Hawaii can help you find what you need, within your price range, at a discount, you pay direct to the hotel and our service is free.
We only deal with Hawaii, not only we know all hotels and their different room categories but also we visit them on a regular basis to make sure that their quality does not deteriorate.

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