Room Categories (within the Hotels):.

As if finding a Hotel is not enough of a problem, you will also need to decide what room category you want or need, just remember that "all rooms are NOT created equal".
Agencies that offer a "package" deal , air ticket, transfers or car and Hotel accommodations, normally have no distinction, they sell what is normally know in the Hotel industry as "run of house". This means that the Hotel will assign you the lowest available category that they have when you check in.
This is an area where your agent's knowledge of the Hotel is very important.

Standard rooms:

It is very common to find Hotels whose Standard rooms are unacceptable, to the point that at Discount Hotels Hawaii does not even book that specific category at certain Hotels.
On the other hand a few Hotels have very little difference between a Standard and a Superior, Moderate or Deluxe room, it may only depend on how high the room is in the building and by requesting a better category you only end up paying more for a room that is basically the same (in those cases is the view what makes the difference).
As a good rule of thumb, unless you have an agent that is very knowledgeable of the specific Hotel that you are booking and he advises you otherwise, stay away from the standard rooms, they are the "least acceptable" rooms that the Hotel has to offer.

Moderate, Superior, City View, Mountain View, etc. :
These are normally the bulk of the Hotel rooms and tend to be the "safest" ones to book in terms of potential "disappointments".

Most of the kitchenettes or kitchens are in the 2 or 3 Stars category Hotels and the differences among them are very wide. Most will have a couple of burners and a refrigerator however other things like coffee makers, toasters, microwave ovens, regular ovens, full size refrigerators, kitchen tables etc. are not necessarily part of the so called kitchen, therefore is a good idea to let your Agent know, exactly what appliances and utensils you need in the Hotel room you are looking for.

Ocean View.
This is probably the most abused term in the industry, there are some Hotels that call Ocean view at a little stretch of ocean water that can be seen from the room's balcony between 2 buildings, other Hotels however are very honest.
If your agent knows the Hotels that is booking for you , then he or she will advise you accordingly. At Discount Hotels Hawaii we do our own Ocean View classification of the Hotel's that we feel that are not accurate, what normally results in a "downgrade" of their rooms, from Partial Ocean View to City View and from Ocean View to Partial Ocean view, that protects our clients from disappointment.

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