Making Hotel Reservations through Discount Hotels Hawaii

Besides having the best rates for each category, by making your reservation through Discount Hotels Hawaii you will enjoy the following:

1 - Pay for only one night. ...............(back to top)

Unless otherwise stipulated, your room is reserved with only one night deposit. Balance is paid upon arrival.
Booking services and internet sites with automatic reservations collect the total up front, regardless of how early you made the reservation.

2 - No penalty for cutting your stay short. ...............(back to top)

In the unlikely event that the hotel that we book is not to your satisfaction, we can cut your stay short, just stay the first night and call us before noon on the next day and we will cancel the rest of your reservation without penalty.
Most online reservation sites and engines only let you cancel if you do so more than 72 hours from date of arrival, therefore if you arrive to the hotel and is not what you were told, since you are already within 72 hours from date of arrival, you are prevented from canceling the remaining days of your reservation.

3 - No credit card recovery fees added to the reservation. ...............(back to top)

Discount Hotels Hawaii does not charge any reservation fees or credit card recovery fees, only the regular hotel tax is added to the quoted rate.
Booking sites like®, orbitz®, expedia®, etc., hope that you will not notice that besides a reservation fee they also charge a credit card recovery fee, that can be up to 4% and it is added to the total. (When you compare rates, is better to do it with the totals including "taxes and fees" because that's when these companies add their reservation fees and credit card recovery fees).

4 - Discount Hotels Hawaii is located in Honolulu. ...............(back to top)

The only reason why we know so much about the hotels on this Island is because we live here and we only book Honolulu.

5 - Are you sure of the star rating? ...............(back to top)

Discount Hotels Hawaii assigns the strictest star rating in the industry. If you have doubts about the star rating of a hotel, check our list.

6 - Talk to a real person, right here in Honolulu. ...............(back to top)

Talk to a real person, no more spending hours on the internet, give us a call, let our agent know what you need, we will be able to point out the best choice based on your request in just a few minutes and since most of our rates can only be obtained through us, we will make the reservation for you for free.
Check our Waikiki Map, it has all the hotel's locations and if you click on the hotel number, you will be able to see a description and more important,a hotel review including the things that we like and the ones that we think you may not like. Still each client has different needs so is best to call us and let us choose a hotel for you based on your particular situation.

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