Double occupancy

In the State of Hawaii, "double occupancy" means that a hotel room rate is the same whether one or two people stay in the room, providing that they use existing bedding, in other words that no extra bed (rollaway) is required. Please do not confuse this with "rate per person based on double occupancy" since this means that the posted rate must be multiplied by 2 whether one or two people stay in the room.If the room has enough beds, family plans are usually allowed for the same price for a maximum of 2 adults plus 2 minors providing again that no extra bed(s) are required. Most Hotels consider a minor anybody under the age of 17, however be advised that some hotels lower that age to 12 and sometimes even 10 years of age, make sure that you check on that if you are traveling with minors, it is not fun at all to arrive to your Hotel only to find out that you have to pay extra for your children and those extra people in a room may be charged $25 to $100, per person, per day, depending on the hotel category. In the State of Hawaii it is a Fire code violation for the Hotel to lodge more tan 4 people in one room.

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