# 73 in our Waikiki map.

Hotel Name: .... Hyatt Place Hotel (former Ocean Resort Hotel).
Category:.........3 stars. (warning about star ratings!)
Address: ......... 175 Paoakalani Ave.

General description:
What we like about this hotel:
What you may not like about this hotel:


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  • The Hyatt Place was formerly known as the Ocean Resort Hotel.
  • This hotel has 2 separate and very different towers that are quite independent from each other, including different elevators, lobby area and amenities.
    They were both erected in the 70's the main one is called Pali Tower and the secondary one is called Diamond Head Tower.
    It has an adequate lobby/front desk area. The pool area is small but adequate.
    The west tower (formerly known as Pali tower) has regular size rooms, with regular size balconies, the east tower (formerly known as Diamond Head tower) has smaller rooms with smaller balconies.
    The lobby is on an elevated floor and either a ramp or a flight of stairs has to be negotiated to reach the lobby.
    Parking is available but limited and like all hotels in Waikiki, quite expensive.
    The hotel has undergone a major renovation and even though the same 40+ year structures have been used, it was totally redone.
    This hotel is number "73" within the yellow zone of our waikiki map, click here to see it's location in relation to other hotels in Waikiki.

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  • Rooms in the west tower are spacious for the room sizes normally found here in Waikiki.
  • If you need to be on the far east side of Waikiki, this hotel is only a block from the Honolulu Zoo and a block from the beach.

What you may not like about this hotel:............................(Back to top)

  • The pool area is very small, most people expect something better for a hotel this quaity.
  • The east tower has rooms that are a lot smaller than the west tower, if you are going to stay in this hotel, stay away from the east Tower.
  • If you are planning to go to the beach in front of this hotel, keep in mind that is not very wide. Nice wide beaches can be found in front of the De Russy park and also Kailua and Waimanalo.
  • Like all hotels in Waikiki, parking is extra and in the case of this hotel is also VERY limited. If you are planning to stay in this hotel you may want to rethink that car rental since parking is on a first come first serve basis (cannot be reserved).
  • Based on your particular needs and the objective of your trip, this hotel may have other pros and cons that you should consider, call us at (808) 394-2112 for more information.050514

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Please keep in mind that ALL Hotels have shortcomings, the trick is to find a hotel which shortcomings you do not mind.

This hotel may or may not be the best option for it's category considering your particular situation and the days that you plan to visit our islands.
Call (808) 394-2112 to talk to one of our agents and he or she will be able to find for you the best option based on your needs.

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