# 69 in our Waikiki map.

Hotel Name: .... Hilton Waikiki Beach Hotel.
Category:.........3.5 stars. (warning about star ratings!)
Address: ......... 2500 Kuhio Ave.

General description:
What we like about this hotel:
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  • The Hilton Waikiki Beach Hotel was originally built in 1976. It was formerly operated under the name Prince Kuhio but changed ownership and management companies several times. It was an Outrigger, an independent, a Radisson and now a Hilton. To become a Hilton it underwent a renovation that kept it semi closed for almost a year.
    Common areas are nice and ample but access to the lobby is only via a ramp or a flight of stairs what can be an inconvenience for guests or visitors with limited mobility.
    The hotels houses several restaurants, bars and shops and has valet parking as well as a sizable parking structure. Please be advised that parking is not included.
    This hotel is number "69" within the yellow zone of our waikiki map, click here to see it's location in relation to other hotels in Waikiki.

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  • The recognizable name brand is always a peace of mind when it comes to booking a hotel.

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  • This hotel is 2 blocks away from the beach, that would be OK for a 1, 2 or even a 3 star hotel, but travelers seeking brand name hotels in the 4 star category want them on the beach.
  • The biggest problem with this Hilton is that you have the Hilton Hawaiian Village also in Waikiki, it is ON the beach and you can book it for a few dollars more, it is true that the Prince Kuhio is somewhat more central but there is NO comparison between the Prince Kuhio and the Hilton Hawaiian Village.
  • There are sufficient number of stalls for parking but the garage clearance is only 6' so make sure that you do not rent any vehicle taller than that.
  • Based on your particular needs and the objective of your trip, this hotel may have other pros and cons that you should consider, call us at (808) 394-2112 for more information.051211

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Please keep in mind that ALL Hotels have shortcomings, the trick is to find a hotel which shortcomings you do not mind.

This hotel may or may not be the best option for it's category considering your particular situation and the days that you plan to visit our islands.
Call (808) 394-2112 to talk to one of our agents and he or she will be able to find for you the best option based on your needs.

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